Be the next rising star and stand a chance to win our full ICO Package worth over 100 BTC!

Our ICO Competition aims to incubate promising ICO projects and to assemble the best breed of cyborg analysts as well as SwissBorg community enthusiasts.

First ICO Competition : Gaming

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Our ICO Competition is not only about winning but more importantly about collaborating as well as forging profitable partnerships. 

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ICO Project (DAO) Benefits

Organize a Successful ICO

Promote ICO

Win the full ICO Package 

worth over 100 BTC

Increase exposure &

establish a foothold

for you project

Make it Credible

World class support team 

to increase credibility

Expand Community

Gain access to SwissBorg's ecosystem of over 100,000 community members

Motivate Cyborg Analysts 

to rate your project.

CHSB Prize Pool


Apply to the ICO contest with an

application fee of 25,000 CHSB.

Submit your 

ICO Application

Once you pass our formal 

due diligence process. 

Get Listed 

in the Contest

Real-time voting updates 

for all participants. 

Leverage your network and 

growth hack your project.

Boost Your 


Get Vote Updates

Get the highest number of votes and 

be crowned as the winner! 

WIN the Competition

How do I participate as an ICO project (DAO)?

Here are 6 simple steps to get you ready for the ICO Competition

How do I participate as a Cyborg Analyst?

Get ready in 3 steps:

Receive CHSB from the prize pool in exchange for your involvement.

Get Rewards

Deposit and stake a minimum of 10,000 CHSB 

to obtain the rights to rate DAOs.

ETH Address : 0xfa9a2b65FB80Fc430Ab9384fBF1DD570D7091FAc

Deposit & Stake CHSB

Make objective and unbiased analyses.

Rate & 

Analyse DAOs

Cyborg Analyst Benefits

Priority Access

Prize Pool



Get priority access to pre/private sales of emerging ICO projects.

Earn CHSB by according to the rating of your investment analysis.

Be part of the SwissBorg

 community & forge new connections.

Build Reputation 


Grow your credibility and reputation with our analysis 

ratings system.

ETH Address: 0x6b426fB3CD9EC43D72326E6DF368Da3173356404

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